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Mission & Vision


1. Learner Central innovations in Teaching
2. Professionalism in Education and Service
3. Continuous improvement in methods of Teacher Education.
4. Develop adaptability skill to meet challenges of changing times.
5. To strive for establishment of an egalitarian social order based on education and service.


1. To develop this college as an ideal centre for Teachers Education.
2. To work relentlessly for innovation of the teaching skill.
3. To work for a strong linkage between the prevalent teacher education systems.
4. To work for integrated system the would meet the educational need of the society.
5. To be an active component of emerging educational patterns.


1. The goal of the teacher education programme is to develop highly qualified teaching.
2. To prepare professionally compete3nt teachers to perform their roles effectively as per needs of the Society.
3. To provide a more efficient pathway towards professional teaching.